Today we evolve. Today, we become MJBCollective

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Today we evolve. Today, we become MJBCollective

Why the name change? When we started out as MBGraphics we where lazer focused on delivering DESIGN and development. This included print work as well as online design. However, that’s not the direction we have headed. Our skills took us in a slightly different direction. Our “niche” became amazing responsive website design and more involved API and custom development work.

As time went on we have phased out the print design work. We now have an amazing wealth of development experience, and help businesses with website design, system development, API integration and much more. For this reason the preface of “graphics” in our name didn’t really suit. We wanted to re-brand with that same lazer focus we began with, but have a more impacting, meaningful name that encompasses exactly what we do.

Online development and design is our COLLECTIVE skillset, so we are MJBCollective. We look forward to our clients embracing this new brand, and we continue to deliver the same set of values, ethics and quality of work as normal.

You can read more about us here, and our values here.