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Responsive Mobile & Tablet Popup

Do you have a non-responsive website? That is one not optimized for Mobile & Tablets? Getting a redesign and redevelopment can be a huge step, some people just don’t want to make that jump. We have a solution!

What if you could display a Popup for JUST the people that view your website on a Mobile & Tablet? You could display a brief about section, and your important contact details. This gets the information your mobile viewers are looking for, directly to them and at a readable size. Then if they want to continue on to your site, they can simply click through. The best part? The Popup is fully responsive, even if your site is not! That means it displays correctly on all Mobile & Tablet formats!

What are the advantages? The most crucial advantage is that the viewer will not need to browse through your site, zooming in to look at the text, to find what they want. It is presented straight to them, then if they want more information they can follow through to the site.

Next is the cost. This Popup is an inexpensive way to temporarily or partially improve your Mobile & Tablet online presence. We really do think this is a solution that will help a lot of businesses convert that massive 33% of mobile viewers to more clients.

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